Ethical & Eco

People Tree Ethical & Fair-trade Clothing

I came across People Tree and was interested to place an order and see what their clothing was like. The company aims to be 100% fairtrade throughout their supply chain. The website is easy to navigate and each item has information on how and where it is made. I ordered the Ingrid Breton Jumper in a size 10. The parcel arrived with free delivery and returns in a brown paper package. The jumper itself is made of 100% organic cotton which was very soft and warm and the quality of construction was good. The jumper was true to size being a slightly looser fit. I bought the jumper in the sale for £26 reduced from £65, would I have paid £65 for it, yes I think that the quality and the ethics justify the price tag. I can see it becoming a wardrobe favourite.

Becoming conscious of origins.

Like most of us I am aware of reports of poor conditions that some people have to work in to provide us with goods and clothing and have always tried to shop and be prepared to pay a fair price for goods in the hope that I am contributing to a fairer system both for people and the environment.

Increasingly however I have been interested in delving a little deeper into these issues and now feel strongly that I only want my money to go where it does good, suddenly that pretty blouse doesn’t feel quite so great to wear if I’m unsure as to it’s production and whether someone or the environment has been exploited to produce it for me.

Also, obviously as a keen sewer I’m interested to find out about the fabric I buy, how is that produced, where does it come from. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a label on rolls of fabric stating it’s origin, I might be wrong – I’ve never looked! Where does the base material come from and what impact do the dyes used have on the environment?

Not having a bottomless purse to buy everything, it is definitely going to have to be a less is more approach, buy quality, ensure good practises and reduce waste. It all seems quite straight forward 😉

There’s quite a lot of food for thought on this topic and I think it’s one that could become quite immersive.